Local Time: 9:03 PM
  • Beta Denver

    Beta nightclub is great for anyone who loves their music performed by a DJ. It’s a huge venue built around the electronic music experience. The club’s motto is “club culture evolving” and at t... View Venue
  • The Fox Theatre

    Be prepared to party with crowds of college kids at this small, funky music venue on the hill in Boulder that features an extremely diverse music lineup – just check the amazing photographs of past ... View Venue
  • The Church

    The Church gets its name because, well, it was once a church back in 1865. Now, however, worshippers of a much different breed pack this nightclub on a regular basis. Their preachers are producers and... View Venue
  • Club Vinyl

    With a name like Club Vinyl you know there are going to be some DJs involved and a lot of electronic music being played. That’s just the beginning of what this nightclub has to offer though. For ... View Venue
  • Casselman’s Bar and Venue

    Casselman’s Bar and Venue says it all with its name. It’s equally the bar you can go to for a happy hour to shoot some pool or even to listen to some local live music, but it can also open up the ... View Venue
  • Fillmore Auditorium

    The Fillmore Auditorium, also known by locals as Fillmore Denver, is a concert hall that features an assortment of mostly rock acts. No matter who’s on stage, the idea is to get everyone to move and... View Venue
  • Larimer Lounge

    The Larimer Lounge appears almost as a brick and mortar business, which makes sense seeing as how its roots are decades ago. The music at Larimer Lounge will generally be rock metal and roll, punk ... View Venue