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  • Sutton Club

    The Sutton Club brings a luxury ambiance for those who love to see and to be seen. You can find many popular faces and celebrities from all over the world here. On its program, there are a bunch of li... View Venue
  • Shôko Club

    Shôko Club is not just a club. Mainly, it is a restaurant, since it was born as a restaurant. But, just after the desserts, the venue becomes a very singular night club where you can enjoy drinks ser... View Venue
  • Opium Mar

    Opium Mar is a multipurpose venue where you can enjoy an exquisite restaurant during the daytime, but when the sun goes down it becomes a magnificent nightclub with many unique qualities. Located clos... View Venue
  • City Hall

    Located just North of la Rambla, in the heart of Barcelona is City Hall. Reasonably sized, the dark and busy nightclub boasts a great dance floor on the main level and a exclusive ... View Venue
  • Row 14

    Row 14 is a place for electronic music lovers. It takes the sound and the lighting experience to the highest level, and it reunites real electro music fans from all over the world who come to Barcelon... View Venue
  • Nitsa (Sala Apolo)

    Nitsa Club is kind of the small brother of the Sala Apolo, a mythical venue for those who love clubbing in Barcelona. The club is strongly linked with the development of electro music in the city of B... View Venue
  • Luz de Gas

    Luz de Gas is a venue not to be missed in Barcelona. It offers a wide variety of live concerts, as well as DJ sessions with high sound quality and a lovely emplacement in an antique theater. Not too l... View Venue