St Louis
Local Time: 5:38 AM
  • The Pageant

    The Pageant is St. Louis’s ideal midsize venue. There’s plenty of space for sitting and standing, plenty of stage room, and tons of lighting options. From theatrical bands with lights ablaze to ch... View Venue
  • Firebird

    If you’re looking for ambiance, The Firebird may not be your best bet, but if you’re looking for a club with a ton of energy and passionate patrons, then this is the place to be. The ceilings are ... View Venue
  • Europe Nightclub

    From the outside, Europe Nightclub looks just like a fortress, and it takes just a few steps inside to see what’s worth protecting. Located behind City Museum, there are two f... View Venue
  • Space 15

    Club 15 is all about options. This three floor venue offers something different every night of the week, and something special on every floor. The first floor features an amazing steakhouse with food ... View Venue
  • 2720 Cherokee

    When it comes to eclectic venues, 2700 Cherokee Performing Arts Center takes the cake. At home in the historic Cherokee Station Business District, this venue first opened their doors in 2009 and the o... View Venue
  • Off Broadway

    Off Broadway is considered one of the premier spots to catch live music in the St. Louis area. You’ll find every kind of music, from every kind of artist – including local acts and nationally tour... View Venue
  • Upstairs Lounge

    Upstairs Lounge has been providing St. Louis partiers a place to get-down for over twenty years. They’re well-known for both their exceptional local DJs and their clientele who love nothing more tha... View Venue